About Us


Consumers have lost faith in traditional sources for information and inspiration, and increasingly blogs and social sources are filling this void. Social media is fully in its adolescence phase and on it different groups have built up different tribes which they trust over any other sources.

This has led to a hugely polarised and fragmented world, in which most people live within an echo chamber, making it exceptionally difficult for brands to convey their core message to those outside their circles.

This is where the trusted voice of influencer marketing comes in.


Wearisma is a premium and luxury influencer intelligence & management company for marketers. We see social media as an interconnected network and are obsessed with finding people on this network that can spread messages to target groups in the fastest, most trusted and credible way possible.

We are not a directory nor a marketplace. Using machine learning, we discover and match brands & influencers to create the best portfolios, given the objective, risk profile and time horizon. In addition, we provide features to help brands manage continuous campaigns and view analytics.

Our promise is to identify and connect you to the “best-fit” group influencers to maximise your objectives, as well as to protect your brand value, influencers’ credibility and their audience’s trust throughout any marketing activities.

How do we do this

Data is the new soil of marketing to grow insights. Due to the nature of its infancy, influencer marketing is a fragmented realm that is often absent of any framework and analytics, making it incredibly hard to execute marketing campaigns and make continuous improvements.

Fortunately, our proprietary system and algorithms - Malin - combines historical data with in-depth analytics, comprehensive portfolio construction features, influencer outreach and operations solutions to power informed decision making and optimisation.

Our aim is to bring the sophistication of other marketing realms to influencer marketing by providing tools to help marketers and agency clients communicate effectively, address marketing needs quickly, and make informed decisions at every step.


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