WeArisma CEO, Jenny Tsai in PR Moment on the TikTok opportunity

WeArisma CEO, Jenny Tsai for PR Moment on the TikTok opportunity:

“Alongside enabling brands to reach a wider audience demographic of Gen Z and being the most downloaded app in the world in 2022, TikTok presents a unique discoverability opportunity for brands as it is increasingly being used as a search engine by the younger generation. For instance, 53% of users now say they discover new beauty products on TikTok. This is due to the strength of TikTok’s algorithm in recommending content based on user tastes and the nature of the content itself which is synthesised by creators and influencers considered to be authentic by their audiences.”

Jenny Tsai on the most effective TikTok video content:

“Trends in TikTok are fast-moving, making data and analytics key to a successful TikTok brand and influencer strategies. The most discoverable and engaging content contains strong, trending hashtags, is SEO-optimised and uses short-form storytelling in an authentic and relatable manner, making it easily consumed by the audience.”

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