WeArisma announces investment raise in WWD to help brands understand the value of earned influence 

We are delighted to announce that WeArisma has raised £2.5m investment to establish its brand discoverability and earned influence analytical tool. In the new age of search on social media, it is more vital than ever for brands, retailers and the media to understand the true impact of the earned media channel. The raise was led by exclusive investment syndicate, Adjuvo, following previous investment from Morgan Stanley.

WeArisma CEO Jenny Tsai for WWD:

“There are 4.5 billion social media users across the world and most of these people are making purchasing decisions based on third-party content they are viewing and yet, most companies still don’t understand how their brand and products are performing on these third-party feeds. The value of earned media is still under-discovered”.

WeArisma “aggregates billions of different feeds and looks at the whole purchasing funnel” to help brands “generate a greater return on investments, help brands understand how they rank among their target audience across all social channels, and how easily their target audience will find content that drives real brand affinity and health.” 

The investment will enable WeArisma to introduce new features into its platform. This includes boosting its coverage of the leading social channels in APAC and globally – so brands can unlock new revenue opportunities in markets that see consumer purchasing decisions heavily driven by influential sources. WeArisma will also scale its team to help brands to better use the platform to understand the impact of influential sources on holistic brand strategies and, ultimately, close the industry measurement gap of third-party content.

Mark Foster-Brown, Co-Founder and CEO of Adjuvo comments: “assessing the value and effectiveness of influencer marketing is critical for retailers and brands.” He adds that Adjuvo’s mission is to help founders and entrepreneurs, “so in addition to the fundraise, which is supporting a strengthening the global capacity of Jenny’s team and optimizing their systems, we want to add value. Our network will share relevant expertise and contacts. It will advocate entrepreneurship, job creation and maximize potential.”

Sanghamitra Karra, Managing Director and EMEA Head of the Multicultural Client Strategy Group at Morgan Stanley says: “We have been impressed by WeArisma’s high-quality data platform and insights. WeArisma has a data-driven approach that has helped clients to optimise marketing spend and achieve their communication objectives. Jenny and the team bring a wealth of experience serving some of the largest brands across the globe.”

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