WeArisma’s CEO in PMW discussing Twitter’s future

“With the hire of new CEO, Linda Yaccarino, extensively experienced in traditional media sector as well as digital marketing, Twitter is signaling that it is strengthening advertising creds to become attractive to advertisers and effectively compete with other social media platforms.” WeArisma CEO, Jenny Tsai for Performance Marketing World. 

By doing so, Twitter will give confidence to brands looking to advertise on the platform through paid media channels and in turn can make sure emphasis is placed on the influencer marketing mix. 

From an influencer standpoint, since last year many platforms such as YouTube and Twitch have enhanced the competitiveness of their creator revenue sharing deals. Twitter needs to do the same in order to attract top-tier creators and influencers which can not only drive brand-influencers partnerships but also grow Twitter’s user-base and as a result increase advertiser revenue.

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