WeArisma CEO, Jenny Tsai in Business Leader discussing influencers as the future of search

Jenny Tsai: “The nature of how consumers search for things has changed. Google used to be the first port of call, today billions of consumers start their purchasing journey much earlier on. They discover brands and products on their personalised social feeds recommended by influential third-party sources, such as the press, influencers and celebrities.” 

“48% of Gen Z say they discover new products through influencers and this number will only continue to grow. Much of this content is now in the form of review and how-to tutorials in videos, whether on YouTube or TikTok”

“With the growing prominence of influencers’, where products rank amongst social feeds is vital. Businesses must build a strategy to improve their performance in a similar way to Google’s ranking.”

And while it is easy for a brand to identify whether they’re on the first or fifth page of a Google search, earned influence analytics offer similar insights into the prominence of the brand and its product on social feeds, so they can build a strategy to improve their performance going forward.

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