WeArisma CEO, Jenny Tsai in Digiday discussing the changes in the creator economy

We’ve recently seen platforms such as Youtube and Twitch set up new revenue share deals with creators or amend existing ones. As the battle to attract creators heats up, how successful have they been? 

Creators are following those changes very closely as they impact their livelihood, especially in periods of economic flux.  

WeArisma’s CEO Jenny Tsai, comments on how the changes impact influencers, “[Influencers] have to think about how they connect to the different audiences, whether they need to create different content — it creates more work”. “These rev share changes affect their income, it’s a matter of whether they can pay their rent or not.”

Image taken from Digiday article with WeArisma CEO Jenny Tsai. A cartoon girl sits on a chair surround by open browsers.
Source: Digiday

Why have platforms made changes to creator ad revenue shares given the recent economic climate? 

Jenny Tsai, “There’s less advertising dollars to go round, these [social media platforms and creators] are ad-funded businesses. People wanted to boost their audience sizes and therefore their ad revenue share.” 

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