Morgan Stanley invests in WeArisma to accelerate our growth

We are delighted to announce that Morgan Stanley has invested in WeArisma to help accelerate our growth (as can be seen in NY Times Square!), recognising our capabilities and investment potential.

WeArisma is one of the 5 companies in their inaugural EMEA Multicultural Innovation Lab (EMCIL) whose mission is to create a more inclusive investment landscape for women and diverse founders.

Jenny Tsai, Founder & CEO of WeArisma says, “We are excited to build lasting partnerships with Morgan Stanley and founders. We will be razor focused on continuing to deliver the best-in-class product and service to clients, growing a world-class team and generating accelerated growth and commercial success for investors. By doing so, we will hopefully play a part in demonstrating the importance and opportunity of creating a more equitable landscape for founders of all backgrounds. A big thank you goes to our team and the EMEA Multicultural innovation lab for continuing to support the important mission of creating equal access to the investment landscape.”

Sanghamitra Karra, Managing Director and EMEA Head of the Multicultural Client Strategy Group at Morgan Stanley says, “These companies were selected on the merits of their offerings and significant investment potential,”, “The intersectional diversity of these founders is key to driving greater innovation and resilience in entrepreneurship.”

Picture taken in New York, Times Square of WeArisma CEO Jenny Tsai featuring on Morgan Stanley billboard
Wearisma in Time Square