Wearisma’s Ones to Watch: Regional Influence, South Korea

To kick-start our Regional Influence campaign, we’re highlighting some of the influencers who are dominating the online space in South Korea and beyond. These online creators are not only creating captivating content, they’re also top-performing influencers who are reaching beyond their local space and making a global impact.

YeonJeong Kim, head of global K-pop and K-content partnerships at Twitter credits the success of Korean content to the dedicated, organized, and smart fandom culture in Korea, originating in the wildly popular success of K-pop music. These influencers are nailing content creation by authentically and consistently engaging with their online communities.

Ones to watch

Hyeily, @hyeily.___

Micro-influencer Hyeily boasts an impressive 11% average engagement rate on Instagram from her 20K community of followers. Hyeily has grown her audience by a staggering 8K over the last three months, curating high engagement by sharing intimate behind the scenes insights that offer fans a look behind the dances of her dancing career. By curating an authentic and personal relationship with her followers, Hyeily has built a dedicated fan base who are keen to engage with her content.

Showing images from hyeily__ account and her growth
SOURCE: WEARISMA DATA, instagram @hyeily.___

Jenny Park, @jenny_park1010

With only 5K followers, fashion model Jenny makes the most of her relationship with her audience, driving engagement towards her Youtube channel where she receives an incredibly impressive 246% engagement rate. Jenny’s videos address all aspects of life, where she discusses a range of topics from hair styling, fashion, fitness and lifestyle which are guaranteed to keep her audience entertained – and engaged.

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Songkang, @songkang_b

South Korean celebrity and mega influencer Songkang gains a 25% average engagement rate on Instagram with his 12.5M followers. His fun, friendly, and fashionable content offers fans insight into his personal life while also functioning as a professional account. Songkang has consistently grown his engagement over time, increasing by a total of 1M engagements in the past 3 months.

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Yeseul, @ye__s2_

One of Wearisma’s clients, Nars, works with brand advocate and make-up artist Yeseul through content creation, where Yeseul promotes the Nars products she loves and uses regularly in her professional career. Their partnership benefits Nars by providing honest and useful reviews from an industry specialist while boosting Yeseul’s own content, gaining a high 21% average engagement rate on Instagram.

Showing images from ye__s2_ account and her growth

Despite these influencers engaging with communities that range from minuscule to major following,  they all have something key in common – using their platforms creatively to create a loyal, engaged, and committed audience. 

Their success is likely due to the authentic and personal approach these influencers bring to their platform. Sharing everyday insights into their careers and lifestyles breaks through the highly-curated, superficial side of social media that is being set aside in favour of more realistic and relatable content. 

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