Sustainable Influence Part 3: Wearisma’s Ones to Watch

In our new three-part series, we’re highlighting the different ways that social media is crucial to the fight for a more sustainable future. 

At Wearisma, we like to take a moment to highlight those who are authentically advocating for important social causes within the online community. This month, we’re passing the mic to influencers and everyday social media users who are passionate about driving conversations around living sustainably.

Shelbi @shelbizleee

Sustainability expert and micro-influencer Shelbi (@shelbizleee) from the USA advocates for a sustainable lifestyle, using her social media platforms to inspire her small but loyal audience to do the same. She gains an impressive 10% average engagement rate across her posts on Instagram and an outstanding 68% ER on TikTok. With 69K followers on Instagram her account is rapidly growing; she has gained an impressive 7K followers within the last 6 months. Shelbi’s success proves the increasing relevance of carefully curated content with a deeper meaning. Her organic and nature-focused aesthetic is integrated alongside well-informed educational posts about sustainable living that encourage her community to take action. 

Pictures from shelbizleee account and her growth

Angel Arutura, @angelarutura

Micro-influencer and environmental activist Angel Arutura (@angelarutura) creates insightful content to educate her small audience on the dangers of impulsive buying,  discusses how to shop more sustainably and raises important issues regarding inclusivity and equality. With an average Engagement Rate of 13%, approximately 3x the engagement rate of the #fashion industry average, Angel is a leading example of the rising popularity and necessity of sustainable fashion content in the online sphere.

Pictures from angelarutura account and her growth

Mark Bowler, @mark_bowler

Wildlife photographer Mark Bowler (@mark_bowler) has less than 1K followers yet receives a high Engagement Rate of 8% from his loyal community. Mark’s success at curating a tight-knit community of followers reinforces the argument that audiences are interested in engaging with meaningful content regardless of whether the content creator has a mass following. It’s all about the quality of the content and the value of the issues they are engaging with, rather than simply following the masses or showing off hordes of followers. When it comes to sustainability, it’s all about creating an authentic sense of community and engaging with them transparently; Mark is a great example of how to curate this in the saturated social media sphere. 

Pictures from mark_bowler account and her growth

If you’re just as impressed with these impassioned influencers and consumers as we are, take steps to ensure your brand works with those who are truly dedicated to promoting sustainability. 

We developed our discovery tool to help brands do just that, allowing your team to search for those who are leading the charge when it comes to creating a more sustainable future.

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