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How fast-fashion giant Oh Polly is reaching new heights with TikTok

With the world at home, online retailers have soared at the hands of the lucrative “see it, shop it” fast-fashion market. Relying primarily on social media sales strategies, brands such as Oh Polly are going from strength to strength across the globe – but how are they winning the influencer game? 

While the trusted likes of Instagram and YouTube fluctuate in their impact, Wearisma’s data highlights how the rapid growth of Apps such as TikTok are contributing to a strong increase in brand buzz and international reach.

On average, Oh Polly’s TikTok influencers’ paid content (e.g. #ad, #gifted) is generating a much higher Engagement Rate than its organic mentions. Throughout August to December 2020, paid content averaged a staggering 68% Engagement Rate, compared to 15% for organic posts.

To put that into perspective, Wearisma’s Cross-Platform Benchmarks show that a “good” Engagement Rate for TikTok influencers averages at 44% for <80k-1m+ follower groups.
While brands such as Oh Polly are evidently selecting influencers that truly speak to their audiences, inspecting the metrics behind your Paid vs Organic performances, such as the peak in organic mentions shown below, is essential to scale into new markets.

By simply searching a handle or hashtag on Wearisma’s Brand Analytics dashboard, you can unlock the brand champions driving both your own brand buzz, as well as your competitors’ in 49 global markets.

For example, 박지은JJ (@jjeuneu) generated 7,202 in Engagement for Oh Polly across 2 Instagram posts, reaching her mostly female audience in South Korea and the UK. Similarly, Australian influencer Robbijan @robbijan secured over 650k in Engagement across 11 TikToks. With a steady increase in followers in the last 6 months, working with these vetted influencers seems a promising tactic for reaching new audiences, and understanding your brand presence in new markets.

Once those partnerships have formed, it’s essential to understand the metrics driving your global reach. While American influencer @isaasung averages a 58% Engagement Rate on TikTok, her Oh Polly content surpassed an impressive 79% across 4 posts, which is nearly double the market average. UK influencer Alice Breuer’s (@alicebreuer10) 6 TikToks further secured the brand nearly 1.9 million Engagements, becoming the brand’s top performing UK TikTok influencer in 2020. With her 88% female audience, the likes of Breuer have transformed from a promising tactic, to a reliable source of revenue. 

In order to scale into new markets, curating an effective brand advocacy strategy is essential to understand the local competition, drive traffic and awareness, and ultimately ensure the highest return on investment. Interested in understanding more about the metrics behind your campaigns? Get in touch to see Wearisma in action!

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