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5 Black-owned brands creating serious brand buzz!

Last week marks the second Black Pound day, an ongoing campaign to support the growth of black-owned brands in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement. Since its inception, Black-owned businesses have seen an uptake in sales but the brands making the biggest waves are those who have actively engaged their online audiences.  

We’ve picked 5 black-owned brands who’ve maximised their engagement with winning influencer marketing tactics this summer from May-June and show you how you can achieve similar results! 

1. Vitae London (@vitaelondon) – 634% increase in Engagements

Source: Instagram / @lateefsaka

Founded in 2015 by fashion designer and influencer William Adaosi (@williamadoasi) Vitae London is a UK based watch brand. They experienced spikes in Engagements at the end of May and June which correlate to their collaboration with local nano-influencers. A post that showed exceptional performance was from nano-lifestyle influencer Seni Saka (@lateefsaka). His post featuring Vitae had a 16% Engagement Rate (ER), that’s nearly 5x higher than the average ER for UK Fashion content on Instagram and 1.2x higher than Saka’s average ER.

Source: Wearisma platform, Vitae London Engagements over time between March-July 2020

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2. WMNS WEAR (@wmnswear_) – 43k% increase in Engagements

Source: Instagram / @itsmariammusa

Launched last year, WMNS WEAR is a UK fashion brand, providing exclusive styles for the modern-day woman. The brand saw a dramatic increase in engagement from May-June.
The tactics? Collaborating with established Black British female influencers like (@wumnibello) and Mariam Musa (@itsmariammusa) to further highlight the way their brand celebrates diversity and inclusion. Musa recently made waves becoming the first Black influencer to collaborate with isawitfirst. The current socio-political climate means that online audiences are currently rallying around influencers who are breaking down barriers. Wearisma’s analytics tool revealed that both Musa and Bello achieved impressive Engagement Rates for WMNS WEAR, 6 and 13% respectively, nearly double both influencer’s averages. 

Source: Wearisma platform, WMNS WEAR Engagements over time between March-July 2020

3. UOMA Beauty (@uomabeauty) – 495% increase in Engagements

Source: Instagram / @uomabeauty

UOMA Beauty saw their Engagement spike in June with the number increasing MoM by 495%. This jump coincides with the #pulluporshutup campaign launched by UOMA CEO Sharon Chuter which called for brands to reveal their diversity statistics to address issues of inequality within the workforce. The campaign resonated with influencers, causing many such as Mi-Anne Chan (@mianne.chan) to create high-performing organic content featuring UOMA Beauty. 

USA based influencer Mi-Anne’s content was responsible for the brand’s highest spike in ER. The post which showed a make-up tutorial received a stunning ER of 31%, more than 3x her already impressive average of 9%. Why did it do so well? The make-up tutorial post showed inclusivity and support for black-owned brands by using only products produced by them. Clearly this tapped into her audience who appreciated this act of support.

Source: Wearisma platform, UOMA Beauty Engagements over time between March-July 2020

4. Nubian Skin (@nubianskin) – 778% increase in Engagements

Source: Wearisma platform

Founded in 2003, Nubian Skin is a lingerie and hosiery brand. Wearisma’s analytics tool reveals the brand has experienced a significant jump in Engagements from May-June. This increase came from the support of black influencers promoting black-owned brands in their posts which highlights the importance of cultivating a strong online community. Special attention should be paid to Italian fashion influencer Abyssinia’s (@iamabyssinia) supportive contribution. Her post’s ER rate of nearly 32% is more than 6x her average showing that audiences, in general, are enjoying content showing support for Black-owned businesses.

Source: Wearisma platform, Nubian Skin Engagements over time between March-July 2020

5. Kai Collective (@kaicollective) – 2.3K% increase in Engagements

Source: Instagram / @kiitana

Newly established fashion brand Kai Collective has seen their Engagements leap by 2.3k%. Macro influencer Kiitana (@kiitana) was particularly effective, creating a piece of content that contributed to a spike at the beginning of June. The US influencer drew an ER of over 8% from her 800K followers, 1.3x her average of 6%. This is particularly impressive when we looked at data from our mega or micro-influencers insight which shows it was 3x the 2.4% average for US influencers of her size. 

Source: Wearisma platform, Kai Collective Engagements over time between March-July 2020

What did these brands have in common that saw their performance skyrocket? They all collaborated with influencers that represent and support their core values of diversity and inclusion.

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