Influencer Marketing in UK, France & Japan

Posted by on July 24, 2019

In our latest post, Wearisma’s analysis into the state of Influencer Marketing in Japan and Europe answers the pivotal question: ‘Can a brand simply copy and paste an Influencer Marketing strategy from one country to the next?’

To highlight the differences in Influencer Marketing across different markets, Wearisma has conducted a deep dive into the Influencer landscape in 3 countries: Japan, UK and France.

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Wearisma’s analysis has revealed the top luxury brands that achieved the most mentions in Q2 2019 in Japan, UK and France

Top 3 Luxury Brands in Japan

1. Gucci
Responded to the growing interest for virtual Influencers in Japan by including one (‘Erica’) in their campaign.

2. Chanel 
Utilised ‘Late Millennial’ Influencers, one of Wearisma’s ‘Ones to Watch’ for their #takeyourchance campaign event. Older Japanese people are joining major social networks at higher rates.

3. Hermès
Encouraged the creation of organic content by Japanese Influencers by creating Avec Elle, a non-exclusive ‘instagrammable’ experience housed in Tokyo’s National Art Center.

Top 3 Luxury Brands in France

1. Chanel
Encourages “medium and long-term collaborations with local influencers who like the brand, identify with it and represent its values.” 

2. Dior
Created large-scale Influencer campaigns. “If you want to be heard, you have to shout very loud.” – Pietro Beccari

3. Gucci
Embraced French artistic Influencers to create brand equity. Gucci’s Instagram campaign with French artists to promote the Gucci Bloom Fragrance performed well with French audiences. 

Top 3 Luxury Brands in the UK

1. Gucci
Focused on entry-level “Traffic Building” products such as small-leather goods and eyewear to create an influx of aspirational consumers

2. Dior
Maintained high standards in their large-scale campaigns by working with a variety of British Stylists/Influencers for their #Dior30Montaigne campaign

3. Chanel
Utilised British ‘Industry Insider’ Influencers (Influencers that hold professional positions within various industries) for their #chanelgrasse campaign. Industry Insiders are one of Wearisma’s ‘One’s to Watch’ 

Walpole Insight Exclusive

Wearisma has collaborated with Walpole to bring you a British Luxury influencer exclusive.

In Q2 2019, out of the three countries analysed, Wearisma data reveals that Burberry was the most mentioned British luxury brand in the UK and France and second to Stella McCartney in Japan.

Notably, Burberry has achieved this position due to the diverse set of influencers that they work with. For example, to celebrate Burberry’s recent launch in Mykonos, they collaborated with American designer Sami Miro (@samimiro), Italian model Erika Boldrin (@erika_boldrin) and Emaradi Dana Hourani (@dana.hourani) among others. Working with a diverse set of influencers enables brands to connect to diverse audiences spanning different regions in an authentic way. 

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