Influencer Marketing for Mother’s Day

Posted by on March 26, 2019

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UK Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Boots, Pandora and Rose & Grey were among brands to execute innovative Mother’s Day campaigns last year but which Influencers and what type of content received the most interest?

Mother’s Day represents a lucrative opportunity for brands to assist consumers set to purchase gifts for the important women in their lives. 60% of Britons celebrated Mother’s Day last year and spent an average of £1.4B on retail purchases for various gifts including cards, flowers and pampering services. According to a study by GlobalWebIndex on average, UK mothers have 7 social media accounts and spend 2 hours and 14 minutes on social media each day. Equally, a report by Mintel indicated that 69% of Mother’s agree that they are just obsessed with their devices as their children. Utilizing Influencer Marketing to join in on the festivities this Sunday will allow brands to tap into this active segment of social media users.

At Wearisma, we have analysed the top Influencers that we think will be successful on Mothers Day based on an analysis of a sample size of 25K influencers.


Image Source: @daddy_to_triplet_girls/@Instagram

Surprisingly, our data has revealed that Daddy Bloggers were one of the key figures in the Mother’s Day festivities last year. Alex Lewis (@daddy_to_triplet_girls), a Daddy Blogger who chronicles his family life online with his wife, son and triplet daughters produced the most content on Mother’s Day 2018. While husband and father of four, Jonathan Saccone Joly (@jonathanjoly) achieved the highest media value on this day. As highlighted by Mumsnet Bloggers Network editor Kiran Chug “Dad bloggers are growing in influence and reach”. These results suggest that tapping dads to celebrate mums will be a successful strategy to employ this Sunday.


Image Source: @thegeorgiaedit/@Instagram

Neuroimaging research reveals that we are hardwired to be emotionally invested in images of babies and these findings are supported by our data. On Mother’s Day last year, the top 3 posts achieving the highest engagement rates all featured babies under the age of 1. These came from Midwife Julia Lauren (@julialauren_xo) who achieved a 15.26% engagement rate, Freelance Writer Vicki-Marie Cossar (@vicki_marie_cossar) with a 14.3% engagement rate and Former Miss England Georgia Jones (@thegeorgiaedit) 13.6% engagement rate. Brands who partner with new mothers this Mother’s Day will benefit from the production of this emotionally triggering content.


Image Source: @takemetoyourleena/@Instagram

3 out of the top 5 posts achieving the highest engagement rate on Mother’s Day last year were produced by Micro-Influencers with less than 20K followers. Micro-Influencers such as Celebrity MUA and Youtuber Leena (@takemetoyourleena) (who’s 2018 Mother’s Day post achieved an engagement rate of 12.12%) achieve high levels of engagement due to their ability to develop a close relationship with their audience. This may also be due to the authenticity of the content that they produced. In an age where tech-savvy parents are placing more value on authentic content, a simple selfie depicting everyday parenthood will go a long way with audiences this Mother’s Day.


As social media usage rises, content featuring children and families are set to increase as Millennials enter parenthood. This upward trajectory has a direct impact on consumer behaviour as mothers flock to social media to learn about product. Our data reveals that working with Daddy Bloggers, New Mothers and Micro-Influencers this Mother’s Day will allow brands to captivate this market and result in the creation of lucrative, authentic and engaging content.