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Which Luxury Giants are the most mentioned by USA Influencers?

It’s nearly the end of the year; a reflective time, where we take stock of everything we’ve accomplished thus far. Here at Wearisma, we’ve utilised intelligent data to provide a complete list of the top brands in Beauty, Fashion and Luxury who have conquered Influencer Marketing in four countries (US, UK, Japan and France) in 2018. In this post we’ve revealed the most popular Luxury brands in the US. By combining this data with in-depth analysis, we’ve been able to reveal their successful strategies and give insights into the techniques that you should be using in 2019 and beyond!

As highlighted in Wearisma’s and Walpole’s ‘The State of British Luxury Influence’ white paper, Gucci was the top mentioned luxury brand in 2018 in US, UK and Japan. This positioning could be attributed to Gucci’s focus on creating content to appeal the ‘switched-on’-millennial-american-consumer, in recognition that young consumers make up over 60% of their client base.

In the US, Louis Vuitton is the fourth most mentioned brand and comes in at fifth place in the UK and France. Like Gucci, an exploration of Louis Vuitton’s instagram page reveals their strategy of promoting ‘traffic building’ entry-level products. Alongside its garments, followers are also delighted with content featuring shoes, handbags, jewellery, umbrellas and even candles. Such a wide variety creates a new level of accessibility to the aspirational consumer.

The only US founded brand to enter the top ten for most mentions by USA audiences is Calvin Klein, who comes in at number 9. Calvin Klein is no stranger to influencer marketing, having seen success with their #MyCalvins campaign which started in 2014. The prevalence of this campaign three years later in 2018 proves that social media campaigns are not seasonal. The campaigns extensive history has clearly interested audiences who enjoy continuity in brand messaging.  

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