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What Makes An Influencer “Right” For You?

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There have been many interesting conversations surrounding what makes an influencer “right” and how to choose them, comparing factors such as their reach, relevance and engagement. We discuss this below, in an attempt to help you make the most effective decisions possible.

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The Wearisma Team

It is no hidden fact that influencer marketing has become a key ingredient in many marketing strategies. Over the last five years, the number of Google searches for it has grown significantly, with no sign of it slowing down in 2018.

With this in mind, it is becoming even more important to select the right influencers for the right campaign using more thoughtful metrics.

Reach vs Relevance

What does it mean to work with the “right” influencers?

Should you pick the ones with the highest reach? Highest engagement? The ones whose content are most closely aligned with yours for authenticity? Or the ones with the audience you want to target?

You probably will say – all of the above. How do you evaluate who has the right blend?

The answer is that it depends on your marketing objective. Once you assess how important each of these criteria is, you can easily leverage data intelligently to find the right influencers.

With the right metrics, these influencers can be ranked and selected to encourage real consumer discussion, create brand lift, and ultimately influence the actions of other consumers much more authentically than those solely high reaching influencers.

Last month Wearisma Founder and CEO Jenny Tsai joined a panel of industry experts to discuss the importance of reach vs relevance. Hosted by Anna Carter, Head of Client Services at award-winning communications agency Golin, Jenny was joined on the panel by Emma Gannon, influencer and blogger, Firdaous El Honsali, Global Communications Director for Dove and Will Cooke, Golin Executive Director of Strategy & Innovations.

The evening drew on some interesting insights such as, how global brands with local teams work with influencers. Firdaous El Honsali from Dove discussed the positives of encouraging HQ teams to allow their local teams and influencers more creative control over a brief to generate more authentic content.

Emma Gannon, influencer and blogger, shared her thoughts on the future of other social networks. Her podcast, Ctrl Alt Delete, has had millions of downloads and allows her to connect with her followers on a more personal level “I am able to speak in a more intimate way to those listening, uninterrupted for twenty minutes at a time and directly into their ears”. This level of trust with her followers gives credit to the brands she promotes.

Furthermore, Golin carried out a survey to discover that 1 in 4 consumers have purchased a product due to an influencer recommendation, demonstrating the power of influencer marketing. Thank you to Golin for hosting and inviting us to be apart of the evening!

Will Cooke, Jenny Tsai & Emma Gannon at the Golin Influencers Reach vs Relevance event.

What our data is telling us:

We have found that there is often a trade off between engagement and relevance. Here is an example of a common trend which shows the most relevant and most engaging influencers for a luxury brand:

Armed with technology and insights such as the above, it is possible to find those that are the right blend of high reaching, relevant and have your target audience!

Ready to find your balance of Reach versus Relevancy? Contact the team at Wearisma.

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