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Webinar: How to stop building an audience (and create a community instead)

To celebrate the launch of our new brand advocacy report, Wearisma’s CEO and Founder Jenny Tsai hosted an interactive webinar, teaching you how to say ‘goodbye audience’ and ‘hello community.’

Watch to discover:

  • How to discover and partner with the right consumer advocates.
  • Examples of how the absence of a consumer advocacy strategy can make your brand irrelevant.
  • The necessary steps to build a winning consumer advocacy strategy.

Don’t have time to watch the full video? Check out the short snippets or read our favourite bits from Jenny’s Q&A below.

Why you need brand advocacy

Discover the power and results of building a winning brand advocacy strategy and why now, it’s more important than ever to do so. In addition, find out how failing to embrace brand advocacy puts your brand at risk.

The power of Consumer Advocates

Here we explain the difference between influencers and consumer advocates and why brands are missing a trick by failing to include everyday consumers into their wider marketing efforts.

Getting the most of your community

Discover the importance of consumer-brand relationships and how building that relationship leads to success.

Brand Advocacy in action: Ann Summers

In this video, we share an example from one of our clients who hold a strong brand advocacy strategy. Discover how Wearisma’s monitoring solutions helped #AnnSummers achieve an ER 40% higher than the industry average.

Protecting your bottom line

Understand why brand advocacy is protecting your bottom line and keeping the costs down whilst still driving success.

I’d recommend Wearisma to anyone who is not only looking for a way to manage your community online, but to also discover which advocates your customers are engaged with whilst having the data and insights from Wearisma to see who works well and who doesn’t.”

— lucy sellers, brand manager, ann summers

Q&A with Jenny Tsai, CEO and Founder of Wearisma

What is the biggest barrier to creating a strong brand advocacy strategy?

Brand advocacy is still relatively new within the Influencer Marketing space and so there are brands who are not sure where to start. I think identification is the biggest barrier and detecting the right advocates who are in line with your brand values. It’s important for brands to use solutions like Wearisma’s so it can give them a head start.”

What are the main factors which prove a successful brand advocacy strategy?

Similarly to what Lucy Sellers, Brand Manager at Ann Summers has mentioned about partnering with the right advocates for your brand is important. Once you’ve identified those advocates, the next step is then understanding what to do next – whether that’s a tiered gifting strategy and building that strong and long-term relationship with them afterwards, all in an effective and efficient way.

Where do you think that the future of Influencer Marketing stands with brand advocacy and do you think that this is temporary?

With communities on social media, a rise in the number of people advocating for various things and new platforms constantly emerging, it’s clear that not only is influencer marketing here to stay but brand advocacy is an aspect brands need to make sure they’re not missing. It’s important to not forget about the groups who are equally important as the traditional celebrity influencer.”

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